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Välkommen till Wergeland Fine Art! Här hittar du limiterad och signerad fotokonst men en unik story.

Limiterad upplaga 30 st.

50x70 cm - 15 st, 70x100 cm - 10 st och 100x150  - 5 st

Limiterad upplaga 15 st.

30X50 CM - 7 st,  50x70 cm - 5 st, 70x100 cm - 3 st


The earliest memory I have of photography is when I was ten years old and my favorite thing to do was borrowing
my father’s camera to take shots of whatever beautiful surrounding and object I could see.

From that, my passion grew and I bought my first own camera as a 17-year old when I was on vacation in Thailand in 2009.
I came home with both new skills and captured memories,
and that was when my desire to work as a photographer for a living started

Six years later, my dream came true, and I have now worked as a professional photographer since 2015.
My dream is to fill people’s walls and bookshelves with my photos,
and show the world all the beautiful things my job makes me see. 

I hope you will enjoy my work!